Thursday, 13 May 2010

Leg spin bowling drills

Update Sept 2015.

0There's been a new development in my bowling recently in that I've partly corrected the problem of over-rotating around the pivot leg. I changed it after watching the Beau Casson/David Freedman videos on youtube where he demonstrates the standing start drill and explains the neccesity for the energy through the crease. I think both he and Warne describe it as 'The explosion through the crease' and in my case I've simply just kind of exaggerated what I was doing and now I do it with a lot more purpose. The net result seems to have been an increase in turn off the wicket without particularly having to change my grip and release which is the avenue that I was exploring and getting nowhere with.

Unfortunately the Beau Casson clip has now been removed, but I'm working to replace it with a series of videos of my own, this is an on-going project but in the short term here's my versions of the Stand Start drill -

The difference in the turn off the wicket is so evident that I've now seen the potential to bowl leg-side wide of the stumps turning the ball into the stumps in the classice 'Round the back of the legs' dismissal. I'm a long way off of perfecting it, but this is a development that's only a week old at this stage and the following video links show you where I'm at with it.

Leg Spin Bowling Drill; Have a look at the image below and the drill that I've devised. I use two sets of stumps - the target stumps and another set - the obstacle Stumps and a target mat. The idea is that I bowl the leg break onto the mat which is wide of the obstacle stumps turning the ball into the target stumps behind. The obstacle stumps represent the batsman.
So with just a couple of days of this change of action under my belt this is where I am with it

The mat thing is about 9'' x 12'' and is a piece of car mat made of rubber.

Bowling Drill - The Stand Start

See below in the Leg Spin bowling drills I've up-loaded a couple of drills on youtube and will try and do more soon as well as try re-shoot these somewhere better Check out my youtube channel and subscribe to it for updates. 14307 - Sept 9th 2010